Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 shopping options: 

1. Self check out where you purchase on your own and ship to our warehouse address

2. Assisted purchasing, where you pay for the items via Mpesa and we purchase on your behalf. For the 2nd option, the Kenya shilling (KES) equivalent of the items you purchase is dependent on the prevailing exchange rate advised by our bank in Kenya. 

To get a free quote within seconds, contact Mal our virtual assistant by clicking here.

Terms and conditions apply for both shopping options.

Dubai is a shopping haven and top USA and UK retail stores have presence in Dubai. We have compiled a list of popular stores which simply serves as a guide, so feel free to shop from any other store in the U.A.E which is not on the list. We update our Facebook and Instagram stories daily to keep you in the know about top sales/deals in the UAE.

If you are looking for something and not sure what store to get it from, e.g Bose speakers, you can google: “Buy Bose speakers Dubai” and you’ll get a number of store options. It is important to note that we do not stock and sell any items, rather, we enable our shoppers to buy directly from top stores online.

You can also shop directly from stores in the USA, UK and China (e.g.  Alibaba), however, please note that in some instances, the U.A.E government will impose custom duty, payable as we receive your items at our warehouse in U.A.E (i.e., if not included in the purchase cost of the item). This cost will be billed to the shopper. 

Here are the costs to consider when using our services:

1. Air freight $7.5/kg. Air freight charges are dependent on the weight of the goods. The actual weight of your package can only be confirmed once it is weighed at our warehouse. However, most sites have weight estimates in the product description section (especially for bulky goods), which you can use as a rough estimate.

2. Service charge. This depends on the value and nature of goods bought. The service fee is payable for both the self checkout and assisted purchasing options. If using the self checkout option, ensure to get a service fee quote beforehand. 

3. Packaging charge: For very fragile items, we charge a small fee for extra packaging to reduce the chances of breakage while on transit.

We fly out goods to Kenya every Monday and Wednesday. Once we receive your order from the supplier, we fly out your goods on either of the aforementioned flights. If you place more than one order from different stores, we consolidate your order on request and dispatch the order once we receive your full order. 

It takes 5 – 7 days for the goods to reach Kenya after we receive your goods from the supplier. For example, if we fly out your goods on the Monday flight, you will receive your goods by Friday, Saturday or Monday the following week. In some instances, there might be delays when clearing goods at customs. Though this is rare, we’re not liable for any delays caused by customs/ not in our control.

Yes we do, on request. We take this approach because some clients prefer to have their items delivered in piecemeal, depending on when the supplier delivers them to our warehouse. 

The service fee remains the same whether we consolidate the goods or not, and is payable once, on collection e.g., your last order consisted of items from Amazon (2kgs), IKEA (5kgs) and Perfume UAE (1.5 kg), and the service charge agreed on was KES 3,900. Assuming that only IKEA items are ready for collection in Kenya 5 days later, you will pay the service fee + air freight cost ($7.5 * 5kgs) as you collect. When collecting the remaining items, you will not pay any additional service fee, but will pay for the freight charges ((2kgs+1.5kgs)*$7.5), packaging fee if applicable (fragile items) and doorstep delivery charges if applicable.

We do not open up client packages to take pictures of their goods to reduce contact with items as a covid precaution measure and also to ensure that our clients enjoy the whole shopping experience, which includes unboxing. 

There is no minimum or maximum weight. However, as per our cargo policy, the weight of package weights are rounded up to the nearest 0.5 kgs or whole number. E.g., if your package weighs 0.4 kgs, weight will be rounded up to 0.5 Kgs, if it weighs 6.8 kgs, weight will be rounded up to 7kgs.

Our warehouse address is:

Your Full name c/o Geoffrey

Al Rayyan Complex Block C,

Level P4,

Storage Room 9,

Al Nahda,



For detailed warehouse instructions, see guidelines here

Before you check out, we request that you get in touch with Mal, the Malahide virtual assistant so that we can know to expect your goods and you can advise you on the service charge payable beforehand.

Kindly refer to our terms and conditions for more details. 

Our office address in Kenya is:

Pioneer House (Next to Nation Centre),

1st Floor, Store 7

Kimathi Street,

Nairobi CBD

Please note that the Nairobi team mainly distributes goods received from Dubai, therefore, direct all order related queries to the Dubai team through Mal, the Malahide chatbot. She will provide you with a ticket number and customer care executive will contact you to assist.

We do not do returns, mainly because most stores have a short return window (3-7 days). It takes 5 -7 days for an item to be delivered to Kenya.