Terms and Conditions

    1. We can only place your order after we receive a confirmation message showing the purchase price of your goods has been remitted to the correct account.
    2. After you make payment for your goods, kindly also send us your full name and
      location (For example Nairobi, Mombasa, Bungoma etc.). If you would like delivery
      to your doorstep, the Nairobi team will request for your exact address and deliver.
    3. You can remit the service charge as well as the freight costs when collecting your
      goods. Our collection point in Nairobi is:

Stall 7,
1st Floor,
Pioneer House (Next to Nation Centre)
Kimathi Street
(Nairobi CBD.)

  1. We charge USD 7.5 per kg (about Kes 817 per kg). Please note the service fee and
    freight costs are separate charges. We will send you the freight charges when the
    goods are ready for collection.
  2. We fly out goods to Kenya every Monday and Wednesday. Once we receive your
    order from the supplier, we fly out your goods on either of the aforementioned flights.
    If you place more than one order from different stores, we can consolidate your order
    (where requested) and dispatch once we receive your full order. Please read more on
    how consolidation works on our website www.malahide.shopping under the FAQ
    section. Our customer care executives can advise you how long the online shop
    you’ve bought from takes to deliver goods to our warehouse based on our experience
    where necessary. The screenshots sent to you confirming your order has been placed
    will also indicate, in some instances, when we expect to receive the goods.
  3. It takes 5 – 7 days for the goods to reach Nairobi after we receive your goods from the
    supplier and load them onto the cargo flight. For example, if we fly out your goods on
    the Monday flight, you will receive your goods on Friday, Saturday or Monday the
    following week.
  4. If you would like us to deliver your order at your doorstep, our Nairobi agent can
    organize this for you. Please note that you will cater for the delivery costs via
    rider/uber to you. Any delivery arrangements can be made once goods are ready for
    pick up in Kenya. Our Nairobi agent will advise you of the delivery costs.
  5. We are not liable if the supplier delays delivering your order to us. We however do
    our best to push for quick delivery. Please note that if the supplier delays delivering
    your goods to us, that invariably causes a delay for us to deliver the goods to you in
  6. In some instances, there might be delays when clearing goods at customs. Though this is rare, we’re not liable for any delays caused by customs.
  7. Please note that we do not open goods delivered to us for health reasons (Covid 19)
    as well as let our clients enjoy their unwrapping experience. If you would like us to open your goods once we receive them, please notify us when placing your order.
  8. We are not liable if the supplier delivers an item not to your specification or is faulty. Once we place your order, we will always send you the shopping cart for you to confirm the order placed is correct.
  9. Please ensure you agree a service fee for your order before placing it with us as this is
    a separate charge from the freight cost. Please note that a service charge is payable
    for both the self & assisted purchasing options. We also reserve the right to increase
    the service fee if a customer increases the quantities of items ordered after a service
    fee has already been agreed.
  10. For very fragile goods that need to be bubble wrapped, we will charge a small packaging fee to ensure your goods arrive safely.
  11. Though we take utmost care in packaging any goods we transport, we’re not liable for
    any damage or loss that may happen in transit of goods before delivery to you.
    15. In the event of an order cancellation from the supplier, we will refund you the amount paid to us in full, unless you want to place another order.
  12. For the process to be more cost efficient for you, please send us your complete order
    (whether from one or different stores) at once so that we can agree on a service fee. If you place orders in piecemeal, we reserve the right to charge a service fee for each
  13. We reserve the right to adjust prices. When placing your order, kindly always confirm what the prevailing charges are as the exchange rates fluctuate very often.
    We hope you enjoy your Dubai shopping experience with us! Please tag us on IG if you’re happy with your shopping experience after you receive your goods.